Storyline 2 Courses Having Trouble Playing on IE - Non-LMS

Dec 28, 2015

Have had quite a handful of reports lately of Storyline 2 courses not launching in a variety of the more recent versions of Internet Explorer (9, 10, and 11), and instead of playing the course, IE shows a blank white or gray screen in the iframe window where the course should be playing.

We host our courses on a server that plays them through an iframe window on our site.  They are published for web with HTML5 and Flash options checked.  The vast majority of the time, the issue fixes itself when the customer tries the course on Chrome or Firefox.  I would obviously like to fix the IE issue, though.  

Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this or what else we can test for?

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Niall O'Malley

Thank you, Ashley.  Most of the courses in question were not published to include Update 7.  However, I don't see that update 7 included any fixes for Internet Explorer.  In fact , I don't see that any of the Storyline 2 updates had any listed fixes related to Internet Explorer, at least not in the version history you linked to.  Do you have any experiences that would indicate that Update 7 would fix my described issue?

Also, we have not tested outside of an iFrame, as that is the medium our courses must be offered.  There have been no reports of issues with Chrome or Firefox in the iFrame, and there are Internet Explorer customers who are able to play it in iFrame, so the issue seems somewhat random at this point.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Niall,

It doesn't say it specifically - but this one we saw a lot of with Internet explorer:

  • Fixed issue where a lengthy course could lock up during preview or playback in a Flash-enabled browser 

So I'd begin there for sure - and also if it's user specific, are you able to narrow down which browser they were using? Is it always the same course? Have any of them tried clearing the cache to give Internet Explorer a fresh load and see if that causes a difference? 

Niall O'Malley

We weren't able to determine that it was happening in any one particular version of IE, as it seemed to be pretty widespread, and not one particular course.

And we have not been able to get cache cleared on a customers browser yet.  Many would not know how to.  When they pay for a course and try to launch it, they expect it to work right out of the gate.

We will try republishing courses in the hopes that Update 7 will be the fix for this.  Although it may take a while since we have quite a few that this will need to be done to.

Thank you.

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