Storyline 2 Crashing New Slide Button

I'm having an issue where Storyline 2 is crashing after I click on the add new slide button. This isn't tied to any file, as this happens with any of them.

I can duplicate layers just fine, save with no errors, etc. But if I click on the new slide button, boom, says it's stopped working, windows tries to save it, but all for not. Auto recovery does NOT work when it crashes in this instance.

My boss used the same files with his PC on his copy of Storyline 2. No crashes. Crashes mine every time.

I've tried restarting my PC, restarting Storyline 2, and even re-installing Storyline 2. All my drivers are up to date (not that I've changed anything in the last few hours to make this crash all of a sudden....). I can't figure out what would be wrong.

Please advise. 

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Darryl Benson

I downloaded Storyline 2 on an old PC of ours that was collecting dust. It works fine on that one as well. I've had our IT department look at my computer. Everything is running fine, with the exception of crashing when clicking that one button.

Is there any log or anything I could submit to anyone who works at Articulate? I really need help, and over half a day of productivity has been wasted trying to fix this problem/wait for any answer from the ticket we submitted.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darryl,

I'm sorry to hear about the crashing behavior - but I'd suggest to begin by conducting the repair steps detailed here.  

If after the repair you're still having difficulty, please pull the error logs here.  There is a link in that article to share them with our support team.