Storyline 2 crashing when changing course from Storyline 1


I have Storyline 2 and have changed most of my old Storyline 1 courses into Storyline 2 (does this automatically when I open a story file). However, one of my courses keeps crashing. I have opened it several times in Storyline 2 and everytime it crashes within minutes. I can (thankfully!) still open it in Storyline 1 and work on it there.  I've tried to make some changes and then save it as a new file and then open with Storyline 2 but get the same problem. Is there a known problem with some content that does not transfer well to Storyline 2?




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Anne

Normally the Add Attachment works if you are uploading here to the forum (it used to have a 20MB limit - not sure if with this new site it has been increased) ...otherwise I found this previous thread about something called Tempshare - not sure if that will work for you.  Dropbox is always an option then share the public link to the file.

Anne Pead

Hi Emily and Wendy

Thanks for your help! The file always seems to convert fine, opening in SL2 and creating a backup in SL1. However, it is only when I start to try work in the newly converted file that it crashes. Sometimes immediately, other times like yesterday, a few minutes in. Basically as soon as I start trying to edit and change slides, it crashes.  Any thoughts?  As this is the only file that this is happening to I'm not sure reinstalling is the way to go.  All other files have converted fine and are working fine in SL2.  I can still work on this one fine in SL1, but as soon as I try with SL2...crash!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Anne

Ok..I could go through the SL2 file yesterday and look at each slide in the slide panel and no problem.  Today, when I get to the slide after the one with the folder and paper clips (around slide 3 or 4) the very next slide as soon as I go onto it goes black and then changes all other slides to black and I can't click in or out of them.

Maybe try creating a new project and importing all slides in except that one and see if it makes a difference - maybe that slide is corrupt...just a thought.