Storyline 2 text display issue

Nov 13, 2014


I am noticing a couple text issues in Storyline 2 that I did not see in Storyline 1. Both issues are showing up in the export.

One issues is that text is not always spaced evenly i.e. in the published file it sometimes looks like there is an extra space between letters but there is not when you check the source file. Anyone else seeing this and is there a fix?

The second issue is that fade in text animation is now terrible. It looks really odd and then pops into place at the last second. I am considering just not using fade in for text but I would like to know if anyone else is seeing this issue and if there is a fix for this too?




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Norm Cousineau

Hello Dan.

I had an issue with a font not appearing as expected (HelveticaNeue) in Storyline 2.

I purchased and installed the TrueType version of the font (instead of using the PostScript), and that helped, but it's still not quite perfect.

I don't think there's a quick fix. The Storyline support team tried to help me out, but they could not get perfect results when publishing my file on their end.

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