Storyline 2 does not open in Windows 10

I'm running Windows 10 on a new iMac with Parallells 11. Storyline 2 has worked ok a week or so until now. Today when I open a story file or open the program, SL2 tries to open but gets stuck in the beginning of the opening process and shuts down. See attached file. It shows where the opening progress stops. 

I have followed the steps to do a repair of SL2 (twice), without progress and I tried to do these steps: but the sl2Cleanup.bat file doesn't seem to work so I couldn't finish the steps. When right click the bat file it just opens a text note. 

I have also tried to uninstall the latest windows 10 update and restart but it didn't solve the problem either. 

Finally, I made a support ticket 00744725 but since I'm in a hurry I also reach out here. Does anyone have a hint?


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