Storyline 2 Drag and Drop Issue on Some Systems

I recently completed a course that includes a simple drag and drop matching activity.  Users are supposed to drag three images next to corresponding descriptions.  I am able to get this screen to work fine on all my in-house browsers and systems  Some of the reviewers I've sent it to also didn't have a problem.  However, some have --- particularly those using Firefox and Google Chrome on a computer or laptop.  Does anyone have a suggestion for how to deal with this issue?  I don't want to distribute something that doesn't fully function.

I've attached a Storyline 2 file for the screen, and here's an Articulate Tempshare link to the working screen:

 Any help you can provide will be MUCH appreciated!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nancy!

I took a look at your file and was able to move the items in Google Chrome. The issue that I had was with the hotspot not picking up the drag item. Not sure if this could be related to the issue you were having.

Check out the updated file and see if this works better for you.

Published output:


Thanks, Leslie.  I really appreciate your effort!  I will circulate this one to my reviewers and let you know how it goes.  When it comes to Storyline, I'm a novice.  Is there anything I should have done differently using the hotspots?  Or is there another way to make sure users snap the object onto the side of the tile?  Any further advice you can spare is much appreciated!


Thanks for the vote of confidence, Leslie.  I see you made them bigger so that they cover the entire answer tile.  On a very positive note, I just received a message from one of the reviewers who was having trouble using the drag and drop.  Your version worked for him!  Thank you so much for helping us find a practical solution.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Rebecca,

This was quite some time ago. It seems that it was specific to Nancy's file based on the conversation here. I'd rather start new with you, understand the issue you are seeing, and take a look at your file to best assist.

You can attach the .story file directly to your reply in the forums.

Birkman Training Team

I can't really post it because it's private information to my company :( But my guess is you would not find anything wrong with it. It works on MOST computers. I would say out of 20 people every time we release the course, 2 people have trouble advancing because of a faulty drag and drop.

Birkman Training Team

Not that I've noticed. 9 times out of 10, switching computers, rebooting, or changing browsers seems to work. But there's no common starting point. It's just performance is not stable across all our users. I feel like it's a resource issue (like their computers are not super high-powered, so it basically just can't handle the load). I was wondering if there are any best practices on how to make Storyline projects less of a load on lower-powered computers.