Storyline 2: Drag and drop with exit animation

I've created a drag and drop interaction where I've set the state of drag items to Hidden when they've been dropped on the correct drop area. The timeline ends at 10 seconds. 

Visually, the state change is a little abrupt so I wanted to add a Shrink exit animation to each drag item. 

This option isn't working as the items 'shrink' and disappear after 10 seconds. 

Is there a way to apply a shrink animation to a drag item once it's been dropped on the correct drop area?

Thank you 

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Kerry Sheehan

Hi Leslie,

Yes, the timeline is set to 10 seconds at the moment and I was hoping to find a solution that wouldn't require me to extend the timeline as I don't know how long learners may be on the slide, and I'd hate for the drag-and-drop elements to disappear mid-activity.