Storyline 2: Drag/Drop Activity – Display dropped items evenly spaced

Jan 03, 2017

Hi. I am using Storyline 2 on Windows 7. This is my 3rd Storyline project (attended 2 day beginner training); I’ve been using Captivate for 4 years.

Interaction: The first 7 text boxes should be dragged to the clipboard. The last 3 should drag to the shredder.

Question/Issue: Display the text (drop items) evenly spaced on the clipboard all the way to the bottom (drop target).

Drop Target Options: I have tested with all 5 (Tile, Stack Random, Stack Offset, etc) as well as straight up unchecking the box. Tile seems to get me closest…but am I restricted to the default “Tiling” of the text boxes?

States: I thought the solution would be to arrange the 7 text boxes (in their Disabled state) evenly on the clipboard…but the Disabled state text boxes don’t show up at all on the clipboard if I move them from the orig spot…which I don’t understand…but since I am still a newbie, maybe I am using States wrong?

I have attached a comparison pic of what it looks like currently (using Tile) and what I wish it would look like.

I have attached the project.

I am open to all advice/suggestions anyone may have!



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Katherine

not sure if the attached will work for you.

I made all the drop target to clipboard items the same width (235px) as the hotpot and added a margin of 2px top and bottom. Needed to make the items in two columns to accommodate but it may work for you. You could put a border around the text boxes to distinguish

Oops just noticed the second one and second last one needs drop correct states adjusted for wrapping.

 Alternatively keep the font size you had (smaller one) and adjust the top and bottom margin of each text box.  

Katie Saunders

I appreciate your response but I know the client will not approve the 2 column look.

But it never occurred to me to mess with margins, I was focused on the States...

So would you say that my "goal" of having the text boxes display evenly spaced on the clipboard is impossible without adjusting all the text boxes to the same width as the target box?



Walt Hamilton


You can also change the shapes the text is in. I almost always prefer text boxes to shapes or buttons, but here is one time I prefer shapes to text boxes. Create the shape you need and right-click on it to edit the text.

In the sample, the shapes have no fill, but I left the outline so you can see how they work.

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