(Storyline 2) Draw Questions Randomly always resetting to checked?

Oct 31, 2014

I have a draw from question bank slide in my project, with 5 slides for questions in it. They need to display in order. So, in the properties, I've turned OFF (unchecked) Draw Questions Randomly and set the "Include In Shuffle" drop down for each question slide to "Always". When I preview the scene, everything works as expected.

However, when I save and close/re-open the file, Draw Questions Randomly is mysteriously checked again. If I run it, the question slides no longer display in order. Is this a bug?

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Keith K.

All right - so I created a new SL2 file from scratch on my C:\ drive. I put in a Draw from Question Bank with 3 questions in it and turned off Draw Questions Randomly (and saved). When I preview all questions show up in their proper order.

When I closed the file and re-opened, Draw Questions Randomly was checked again and the preview showed the questions in random order.

I've unchecked Draw Questions Randomly and re-saved the file. It's attached.


Emily Ruby

Hi Terry!

This will be fixed in a forthcoming update for Articulate Storyline. In the meantime, you should be able to avoid this behavior in the following manner:

  1. Verify that the box to Draw questions randomly is unchecked for all your question draws.
  2. Save your project file but don't close it yet.
  3. Publish your course.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Keri - 

You may find it helpful to visit the knowledge base article Emily recommended above on when Questions Are Randomized When They Shouldn't Be. Otherwise, this is a known issue, and our QA team has been contacted for further exploration. Unfortunately, I don't have any information to share in regards to a timeframe or a workaround, however, I will share any updates here in the forums. 

Joshua Nickerson

Hello, Since updating to SL2 Update 10: 1607.1221 I've been having a similar issue. I have 2 banks of questions and I need it to draw 8 randomly from the first and 4 randomly from the second. It was working fine prior to the latest update, since updating them, it will only allow me to set a number for one of the two banks. Every time I set the number of questions to ask, it resets the other bank to all questions asked.

If this is a known issue, or you have no immediate solution can you please link me to someplace to download the previous build? I'm on a deadline, and this issue is causing delays in my workload.

*Also, it was asking the same questions more than once on my last publish.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joshua, 

Thanks for reaching out here and I'm sorry to hear about the issue and delays you're experiencing. It's not a situation that rings any bells for me with recent behavior pre or post Update 10, so I'm curious if you could share your .story file with us so that we could take a look at all your file and quiz property settings. You can attach it here using the "add attachment" button or if you'd prefer to send it along privately to our team you can do so here. 

Joshua Nickerson

Hi Ashley, I started a new thread about this after noticing this one was a few years old. I found the solution, and posted it in the new thread. It was related to creating a new results page due to the old quiz ID creating a conflict on the LMS.

The TLDR version: The issue started after creating a new results page. The fix was to also duplicate the question banks and delete the old ones. :)

Here is the link:

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