Storyline 2 - editing end point of motion path

Feb 22, 2016

When I create a motion path for an object and try to change the ending point, it moves the whole object -- beginning point, motion path, and ending point. How do I edit it so that the starting point remains the same, but the motion path adjusts so that I can change the ending location?

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Vickie Burnett

Thank you, Walt. I tried zooming, but it either gives me the 4 directional arrow, which moves the whole image/motion path, or if I move it slightly so that the 4 directional arrow disappears, it just draws a parallelogram, which disappears when I stop clicking/dragging it. I am very new to this and am just trying out features, but being able to adjust the end point of a motion path is huge.


Philippe JEANTY

Hi I am also trying to overlap drawings and i do not seem to be able to move the "end-of-animation-drawing" precisely, just with the mouse, but i cant nudge it pixel by pixel with the arrow keys, Also this technique of moving the path-definition-box handle does not seem to work with the curved path, it moves the source drawing too.

Am i missing some technique ?

Can an animation start after some time ? I duplicated picture 20 into an new object and animated the copy, any more elegant technique like a trigger "Animate Object when timeline reaches..."?



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Philippe!

I'm not sure that I completely understand your question, but yes, you can set an animation to happen at a certain time.

I hid your duplicate images and delayed the animation until a certain time and it may be closer to what you are looking for.

Let me know what you think or how much I misunderstood the question :)

Philippe JEANTY

Another related question :)

I have a simple rectangle in an horizontal position. After the motion I would like the end-stage to not be parallel to the initial stage but at a variable angle (15, 25 degrees)...

When I select the end-stage, I see the "coat-hanger" shaped manipulator, but I don't seem to be able to rotate my shape. Any suggestions ?

Thanks !

Philippe JEANTY

Hum I am lost!

Ok i make a copy of "RECTANGLE" and call it "TILTED rectangle" and position it the way i want. Then I copy it.

Then  click on the RECTANGLE > edit states and added another one called END. I get that.

Now if i paste "tilted rectangle" it over laps the one automatically done. See that by manipulating the copy of Tilted rectangle on the stage I can separate it, but when i run the animation the tilted rectangle is in the wrong place.

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