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Vickie Burnett

Thank you, Walt. I tried zooming, but it either gives me the 4 directional arrow, which moves the whole image/motion path, or if I move it slightly so that the 4 directional arrow disappears, it just draws a parallelogram, which disappears when I stop clicking/dragging it. I am very new to this and am just trying out features, but being able to adjust the end point of a motion path is huge.


Vickie Burnett

Wow! That does help. I do wish that you could just click on the end point and move it by itself without having to use the side boxes to adjust it. But, if that is the best they have, then I shall make it work.

I appreciate your taking the time to demonstrate that for me!


Philippe JEANTY

Hi I am also trying to overlap drawings and i do not seem to be able to move the "end-of-animation-drawing" precisely, just with the mouse, but i cant nudge it pixel by pixel with the arrow keys, Also this technique of moving the path-definition-box handle does not seem to work with the curved path, it moves the source drawing too.

Am i missing some technique ?

Can an animation start after some time ? I duplicated picture 20 into an new object and animated the copy, any more elegant technique like a trigger "Animate Object when timeline reaches..."?



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Philippe!

I'm not sure that I completely understand your question, but yes, you can set an animation to happen at a certain time.

I hid your duplicate images and delayed the animation until a certain time and it may be closer to what you are looking for.

Let me know what you think or how much I misunderstood the question :)

Philippe JEANTY

Another related question :)

I have a simple rectangle in an horizontal position. After the motion I would like the end-stage to not be parallel to the initial stage but at a variable angle (15, 25 degrees)...

When I select the end-stage, I see the "coat-hanger" shaped manipulator, but I don't seem to be able to rotate my shape. Any suggestions ?

Thanks !

Philippe JEANTY

Hum I am lost!

Ok i make a copy of "RECTANGLE" and call it "TILTED rectangle" and position it the way i want. Then I copy it.

Then  click on the RECTANGLE > edit states and added another one called END. I get that.

Now if i paste "tilted rectangle" it over laps the one automatically done. See that by manipulating the copy of Tilted rectangle on the stage I can separate it, but when i run the animation the tilted rectangle is in the wrong place.