Storyline 2 exam quandary

Hi All - 

I have a brain teaser for ya. My stakeholder wants a challenging Final Exam at the end of a course:

  • It has to be 45 questions drawn randomly from a question bank
  • The user must score 85% or higher in order to pass
  • If the user fails, they must get 1 retake opportunity

I built the exam and tested and distributed it to our field via our LMS (GreenLight) - a very large group of employees located all over North America. Almost immediately we had scoring issues with the exam. Here are the most common issues being reported:

  • The exam skips a handful of questions and counts them as incorrect
  • The user fails the first try, then chooses the retake option, the course again skips a number of questions at the end and scores them as failed 
  • The exam scores the user at 60% or lower regardless of their actual score (they kept track of their answers and based on their counts they should have passed)

I'm stumped as I have not been able to dupe any of these errors in my office. I've attached the exam with the questions and answers redacted (it's government material and the stakeholder requested that it not be distributed online). I'm wondering if maybe it's the retake option that is messing up the final score? Anyone have any clues for me? It would be much appreciated, thank you! 

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Leigh S

I should add that I want the user to be able to back out of the exam and consult any of their previous modules for assistance in taking the course. When they re-enter the exam they just need to select the 'start where I left off' option. I realize this means that they may be able to take the exam more than once if they fail - we can't find a way around that so we are relying a bit on the honor system with that aspect of the course. I just need it to score correctly. :) 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leigh,

I'm not sure if you shared the correct file or not - but taking a look at this, it seems that the results slide (4.2 - the one set for reporting) is only set to score against one "pick one" question at the end, not the entire question bank - so that may be the issue is that the users score isn't ever being tallied for all the other questions.  I see you have another results slide - but that is not the one indicated as a tracking method? 

Leigh S

Thanks for your reply Ashley.

It's a little complicated to explain (as are most things regarding LMS settings!), but our standard is to have a completion 'survey' (the user just has to click a button to confirm they've completed the course) so I have 2 results slides - one for the exam itself, and one for the final slide in the presentation. I tried to set triggers on the first results slide (which should be pulling the scoring from the large question bank) to show a next button only if the user passes the exam with an 85% or higher. The problem is the question bank results slide is not scoring accurately. Does that make sense?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Leigh!

Trying to follow along here, and first thing I noticed is that you are not utilizing the built-in tools for retrying a quiz utilizing the results slide, which could be causing an issue with your LMS.

You may also want to take a look at this documentation on the score not updating.

A great way to identify if the course is causing issue or the LMS is to test in SCORM Cloud.

Leigh S

OK Leslie, I followed the instructions here:

But unfortunately when I test this, it lets me have unlimited attempts even with the triggers in place. Did I set something up incorrectly? My file is attached.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Leigh

try changing the trigger to 'Add 1.00 to Attemps' when timeline starts on Results slide.

When they get to the result slide they have already had their first attempt so it should change to 1.00, then they click retry - go through the exam again (this is attempt 2) and the variable should change to 2.00 when they reach result slide second time.  Then the Retry exam button should be disabled.

If you wanted to upload with fewer quiz questions happy to test but don't have time to go through 43 questions - sorry.

Leigh S

Thanks Wendy! Looks like the Retry option is now working, but since only 1 trigger on the list can have priority, most of the other functions are now broken. I removed most of the questions so now there are only 8 to get through. Here is what I need:

User passes: the user gets the message "You passed" and Retry button is hidden

User fails the first time: the user gets the message "You did not pass. Please click Retry Exam to try again."

User fails the second (final) time: the user gets the message "You have not been certified" and the Retry button is disabled

In my head it makes the most sense for this information to be displayed on layers. I want the user to be able to see their score as well as their message. However, 90% of the time the layers do not display as intended. I have messed with the trigger order, but then only 1 of the layers will display as intended, and the rest won't display at all depending on the final score.

Also, the exam is still scoring incorrectly on the retake. I can get 100% on the retake, but it still displays the 'failure' option.