Storyline 2: Exit button not working on Ipad with success factor app.


I have created a course in storyline 2 and place a custom exit button on the last page. When I am checking this course on IPad with success factor app than the exit button is not working even it is not getting clickable.

Note: To exit the course, I have tried to use by default storyline exit trigger and javascript code (window.close(), and lmsAPI.ConcedeControl()) but no success on the same.

If anyone has an idea please suggest.

Thanks in Advance!


Manish Agarwal

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Manish, 

Are you able to test it outside the SuccessFactors mobile app? That'll help narrow down where the issue is, and I'm not equipped to help with the Success Factors app. 

If you see the same thing while testing in mobile safari, let us know! It would help to know what version iOS you're running and the Storyline 2 Update you published with (the latest is 13). 

If you're restricted to using the app hopefully folks in the community can offer some advice! 

Manish Agarwal

Exit button is working fine on desktop, laptop, mobile and IPad browsers. I am facing this issue only on IPad with success factor app. 

To add, I am using the updated version of storyline2 to publish the course.

Yes, it's a requirement to run the course on success factor app.

Please advise.



Manish Agarwal