Storyline 2 Exports and Chrome

Hi guys, I've been having a tremendously annoying issue recently where my courses will load up in chrome, but the moment the scene changes the screen just goes blank.

The way my courses are set out is:

1. Intro Slide (video logo sting)

2. Tutorial? (Yes takes you to a tutorial scene, which works fine - No continues to slide 3)

3. Learning Objectives

4. (Scene change) Module Menu


The course breaks when transitioning from slide 3 to slide 4. They work fine in internet explorer, but not in Chrome or Firefox. I have tried exporting using a trial of Articulate 3, and they work... but I get a weird language problem of which I have attached a screenshot. The font used is Dosis. You'll see that other fonts appear just fine. It's also worth mentioning that if I look at the story_flash.html file I don't have this language problem.

Anybody here have any idea on how to fix either of these issues?


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