Storyline 2 file corrupted after storyline 360 installed [BUG]

Jul 21, 2017

Hi guys,


I just installed the trial for 360 and I was going back to my storyline 2 file project. Now when I open the file it's missing alot of the content and keeps crashing when I preview. The ony stuff showing is the heading and maybe one graphic. No body text. Same goes with the layers.

However the story view is showing the slides properly in the thumbnails.

Has anyone came across this before and if there is a fix.

Working on windows 7. Upgrade 11: 1609.3020.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Allen.  Thanks for the update, even though it looks like you're not quite 100%.

Can you clarify what you mean that the heading font isn't working?  Is it not staying with the font that you chose, or applying across all slides, perhaps?

If you would like to share your .story file, I'm happy to have a look!

In the meantime,  try opening a new project and importing those original slides into the new project.  Save it with a slightly different name, and attempt your font formatting in the new project.  If the old file became corrupted, maybe a clean new file will allow you to keep working normally.

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