Storyline 2 file no sound on iphone, but do hear sound on android.

Feb 10, 2017

Ok, I have a sound issue with Storyline output for my web site (tested both in Web output and LMS Tin Can output, plus in LearnDash too). I output HTML5 only. 

I output in HTML5.

no problem with sound on desktop, using Chrome

on iPhone, can't get any sound when I play the modules. Tested using Safari and Chrome. 

Tested on an Android (using Chrome), and we have sound.... very nice sound in fact.

So problem is using. iPhone 6S, IOS 10.2.1

output from latest Storyline 2 version update 11: 1609.3020

called up Youtube video on iphone and have sound.anybody got any ideas on what might be causing that. 

anybody got any ideas on what might be causing that. 

Sound on phone turned up. Silent ringer button not turned on.

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