Storyline 2 file will not publish on PC after being edited on a Mac running Windows.

Oct 02, 2016

I have been coordinating with a contractor who has been working on a large project with me. He works on a Mac running windows. He recently sent me a file that had no issues publishing when I sent it to him initially. After getting it back I can't get it to publish on my PC or any of my Windows based systems. It gets to the end and then throws the error window. I have tried all the tricks, copying the content into a new file, importing it into a new file, nothing works. My contractor is able to publish the file without any errors on his system. I am actually able to publish the file with no errors when I publish it on my Mac running Windows. I am at a loss as to why. I have attached the error report I get from Storyline 2. I need it to be able to publish from a PC since the end client only uses PC and they will be the ones making any updates to the courseware in the future. 

If anybody has any thoughts as to why I am experiencing this problem, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance. 

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Mike Stewart

Thanks again Wendy. I found the cause of the error. I was able to isolate the page that was causing the error by copying each of the 6 scenes into a new file and publishing. Once I found the scene that would not publish I was able to start eliminating pages until I got to the page that was causing trouble. Turns out that when my developer copied some text off of the storyboards into the notes section, he copied and pasted a special character that is not supported on a PC. Once I deleted that character it published correctly. So, keep that in mind when working between MAC and PC if you run into publishing issues. Again, thank you for responding.