Storyline 2 - Fill in the blank question not working on Internet Explorer 11

Hoping someone can help.

I've published a course to Web.  When launched using internet explorer 11 the first knowledge check does not allow the user to type.

The knowledge check is a "fill-in the blank"

It does work in Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  How can i get it to work in IE?



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Leslie McKerchie

Oh no, Andrea!

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you are seeing.

For Storyline 2, only the Flash output is supported in IE11 as you can see here.

Just wanted to be sure you were not viewing the HTML5 output in that environment and that was causing the issue.

I uploaded a sample here that worked well for me in multiple browsers. Does this work for you in IE11?

If you have a .story file you'd like us to take a look at, feel free to share.