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Feb 02, 2015

We recently upgrade to Storyline 2 and we start to regret. We have several random crashes and some issues with the Find and Replace palette.

First, if I paste some text in the "Find what" field, it paste it on my slide in a new text field, or in the selected object. It has the same behaviour in the "Replace with" field. The right-click --> paste works, but the keyboard shortcut use to work well in SL1.

Second, my computer crashes randomly when I use the Find and Replace. Everytime, I do a cold restart of my computer to make sure all is good, but it keep on crashing.

Third, the Find and Replace is slower than in SL1, which is odd.

Do you guys have the same problems ?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peak,

I haven't had any difficulty with the find and replace feature as a whole, but the copy/paste you're describing is something I've seen - and it won't allow you to copy/paste into there as it acts as if you're pasting directly into Storyline. 

I haven't experienced the crashing or slower behavior either - so you may want to look at going through the repair.  If the repair doesn't solve it, and Storyline is still crashing it may be worth checking into the crash logs as described here and sharing those with our team. 

David Oskorus

I've seen the same things except only Storyline crashes, not my whole system.

I hadn't tried doing the right click and paste, as I tend to use the keyboard, so thanks for that tip.

As for the crashing. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it happens consistently. For example if I'm doing a find and replace of something that appears 7 times in a storyline file it might crash consistently on the 4th instance. In these cases, I'm clicking "Find Next" and then "Replace" rather than "Replace All" so that I can see the context of the replace (wrapping, etc.). After the 3rd crash, I simply found and replaced the first three, replaced the 4th one by hand, saved, then found and replaced the rest.

Haven't had a chance to try to determine what it was about that one that caused the problem. Don't use find/replace that much, so it was more efficient to simply fix manually and move on. When it happens again, I'll try to see if I can determine what the "trigger" is. But at least know you are not alone.

I haven't yet seen it crash on a "Replace All."

Peak Bagger

I don't have a complete system crash. Only my SL that becomes unresponding without any error message.

It happens oftenly, in different occasions. When I open the triggers panel, when I change of scene, when I change the font, with the find and replace panel, etc.

Many co-workers experience the same things...

We installed SL2 last week. How can it already be broken ?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peak,

As I mentioned, the CTRL V method won't work in the find/replace window - as it'll treat the text as if it's being added to the slide itself. 

Are you able to gather those error logs to share with our team? The fact that it's continuing to crash leads me to believe there is something else on the computer set ups you have that is interfering with the normal behavior of Storyline. 

Peak Bagger

Unfortunately, my Network Administrator doesn't allow me to download and use the error log files.

Our setup is pretty simple: HP Z420, Xeon E-1650 CPU, 18 Gb of RAM, SSD HD, Nvidia Quadro 2000, on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64 bit. Also installed on the machine: Office 2014 and Adobe CS6 Premium.

We didn't get much problems with Storyline 1. Since we moved to SL2, a lot of my coworkers complain about frequent crashes, not only using Find and Replace.

By the way, in Storyline 1, we were able to paste using CTRL+V in the Find and Replace window, why not in SL2 ?

stanton mackellar

Not sure if you are still tracking this report.

I encounter this issue consistently over the past couple of months. It is totally predictable now.

If I do an individual search and replace (i.e. not search and replace all instances at one time) I get an error screen. Happily, the program does not hang, so I am able to continue. Nonetheless, this functionality is essentially broken.

Version. 2. Build 4:1501.717


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