Storyline 2 - Formatting Question Bank Slide Problems

Jul 20, 2015

I'm having a very frustrating issue when creating Word Bank Questions in that the formatting of my slide doesn't match the format of the slide master layout assigned?  The text boxes on the slide master all have the 'resize shape to fit text' autofit option selected.

I'm attaching an image of the slide layout I've used - and an image of how it looks in Storyline.  The font increases out of all proportion and the question body creates a scroll-bar - and most of the question text/check boxes are not visible.

Any ideas would be very gratefully received.

Thank you

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Angela Gantert

Thanks Leslie

That would be great!!  I've stripped out our branding and all other sections, slides etc except the assessment - but should point out that is still very much a work in progress.  The slide master which I inherited from my predecessor is pretty messy I have to agree.

I'm creating a word bank and this seems to be where I have most formatting issues.  The formatting is 'out' for all the assessment questions, and I've manually edited the formatting on some of them - but need to work out why its happening now - and more importantly into the future.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dave!

I popped in to check on Angela's case and it seems that her issue is related to an issue related to the paragraph settings not holding for a text placeholder in the slide master.

Are you utilizing slide masters as well? If you need us to take a look, please share your .quiz file and your .story file for us to take a look.

Kevin Jones


I have an issue with Question Bank as well.  I have created 10 questions that once answered correctly is set to branch to the corresponding answer.  The problem that I am experiencing is (when I preview the project) I can answer the first question and am branched to the correct answer, but when I click next I am taken to the answers not the next question.

It is as though the Question Bank only recognizes one question.  The same thing happens when I randomize the questions I can only answer the on question correctly, then, am taken the answers.

Thank you


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kevin - Thanks for sharing your file and allowing us to take a look. 

I'm gonna walk through what I'm seeing. 

Slide 1.1

Slide 2 (Question Bank) - Looks like all are included in shuffle

Question Slide 2.1

User gets correct 

Branches to Slide 1.3

Trigger on slide 1.3 says go to next slide 

If you are wanting supplemental content between questions, it may be best to manually build this vs a question bank unless you put the discussion on the feedback layers.

Perhaps others in the community may have some ideas to share as well.

Kevin Jones

Hello Leslie,

I created the questions not as part of a question bank and when I have them branch I get the same result.  I can answer only the first question, then it cycles through the answers without going to the question.  Part of my confusion is that according to the article Storyline 2: Using the Feedback Window, I should be able to easily Branch to Other Slides.

Your help is greatly appreciated : 0 )

Kevin Jones

Hello Wendy,

I think that it is, however, I saw the Question Bank discussion and was looking at another angle, trying to make sure that I am setting things up correctly.  The feedback that I received from my first go was that the cycling through the previous answered questions was not a good experience.

As I shared with Leslie, from what I've been reading this should be an easy process, but it appears I am missing something.

Thank you

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