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Oct 31, 2016


Having issues with the reporting side.

I have used Freeform questions in the scored assessment, the answer are pulling through but the question description is pulling through and the type of Freeform interaction. (See image)

screen shot of LMS report

I have renamed the slides the questions in a hope this would work, it didn't. Can any body help me or will I have to stop using freeform questions in my graded assessments as we need the questions to pull through when we run a final report.

Software - Storyline 2

LMS - Kallidus Cloud


Thanks in advance



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Helen!

By default, freeform questions don't send question text to an LMS, since they don't generally have question fields or title boxes. Articulate Storyline will use the type of interaction as the question text—e.g., Drag and Drop, Pick Many, etc.

To send question text to your LMS for a freeform question, do this:

  1. Change your slide layout to a layout that includes a title box, then enter your question text into the title box on the slide.
  2. Publish your course for SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API (also known as Experience API).

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