Storyline 2 freezes when minimized

Well, sort of freezes. This has happened to me multiple times over a period of several weeks:

I minimize Storyline 2 to use some other program. When I click the icon at the bottom of the screen (Windows 7 Enterprise), it won't come back. Nor will it allow me to Alt-Tab to it. The only way I have found to "fix" it is to open Task Manager and kill the application - fortunately, it does offer me the option to save my work at that point.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know of a solution? It's a relatively minor problem, but really annoying...

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Peter Ward

This happens to me on a regular basis. I have discovered that if I keep repeatedly trying to click on Storyline in the taskbar, Alt-Tabbing, selecting different programs and then trying again, eventually Storyline will restore. However, it is pretty frustrating when it happens. Sometimes it resolves itself pretty quickly, other times it takes a good 30 seconds of clicking and Alt-Tabbing to get it to cooperate.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter, 

Thanks for chiming in to let us know that you're experiencing a similar issue.

I see that you are using Storyline 360 and I've had a couple of other users share a similar experience very recently. 

You mention that this happens to you on a regular basis. Any chance you can capture this behavior in a Peek 360 video? Also, what version of Storyline 360 are you currently using? You can check by going to: Help > About Articulate Storyline

I've reported this issue as a potential bug so we can start investigating this issue, but since I am unable to replicate the behavior at this time, any additional info is helpful.