Storyline 2 freezing in Windows 8.1

I purchased a more powerful laptop so that I could develop courses in Storyline 2. It is running Windows 8.1. It accepted my code without a problem. I can view my course, layouts, triggers etc. However, when I insert an image it freezes and I have to crash out. When I come back in, I am on the same screen as when I crashed out. I cannot get out. it won't let me exit with or without saving. I have a week before my deadline. Any help would be appreciated.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Claire and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Our system requirements for Storyline 2 can be found here.

You are working locally as well I assume.

I am utilizing a similar environment with no issue, but if you are not receiving an error message, we may need support to take a look at some logs to see if they can identify what may be going on.