Storyline 2 freezing when I try to Publish


I have now noticed that when I go to publish, the Publish window greys out and it just hangs. I can press the button to cancel and it asks me if I am sure, pressing Yes, just continues on hanging.

If I kill Storyline in the Task Manager, relaunch the program, and immediately publish it will work. I then make a few changes and it then hangs again.

All files are on a local drive and it was working fine until today.

any suggestions would be grateful.

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Trevor White-Miller

Hi Will, I'm having a similar experience. I was on Flash player 16 but had to uninstall and reinstall Flash player for a different reason and haven't had a publishing freeze since. Admittedly I have been working on current project files and haven't had to change publishing settings (as I do with new projects before a first publish), but things have been more stable. 

Kimberly Kirby

It has taken some time for me to get back to this. The same user is still having this issue. Updating Flash did not work. She was able to find out that it seems to be happening after this process:

  1. Updating SL1 (created by another developer) object to SL2.
  2. Editing the SL2 file, saving and publishing.
  3. Making another edit, saving and publishing - this is when it happens.

She can go through many SL1 and SL2 files during the day and not have this problem but it seems to happen after an update, change, publish, then change, and publish again.

Do we know anything about this yet?

Debbie Tatu

Hi Kimberly, The instructional designers having this problem can be working on SL1 to SL2 files or SL2 files that were previously converted. I don't know that anyone has built anything brand new on SL2 so will see what happens with those.  If we publish to lms or web we run into the freezing. It happens throughout the day. I plan to do some testing and try to get some logs to Articulate.  I haven't been able to get the logs to articulate for the other users because none of them have administrator rights and it's painful to have to contact the helpf desk when you are already slowed down by having to keep re-starting Storyline 2.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for sharing that here. Our team has been working with a few of the users in this thread who reached out based on my request to contact our support team to share logs and additional set up info. If you're able to consistently reproduce it, we'd like to take a look at that behavior as well - so can you connect with our team here and let them know that you are a part of this thread and they'll know what next steps to take. Once you've contacted them, please let me know so I can follow along as well. 

Debbie Tatu

I was finally able to reproduce this behaviour today in a test environment. There was no consistency other than I had to preview before I published or I would never have the system freeze. I have uploaded the log files today to support for them to have a look at.  If I always published without previewing I never had the issue but several times I was able to reproduce by previewing and then publishing different files. Some files were SL2 created and others were SL1 converted to SL2. We are using IE 9 and flash


Debbie Tatu

Hi Melanie, We are still having this happen regularly (except when we try to reproduce on demand for support :-) )

I have a test environment setup and keep trying to reproduce to provide more information to Articulate. I would suggest creating a case with them and if you can reproduce consistently to work with them to help them gather more information about when it happens for you.

Geert De Rycke

Hi all,

we are experiencing (7 developers) the same issues, and this eversince SL2 came out. 2 out of 3 times SL2 (Update 3) freezes up when trying to publish. We are all working on our c-drives, are local admins and it is not limited to one project. It has become such a problem that new projects are being developed back in SL1 which is far more stable than SL2.

We have uninstalled SL2 and have changed computers, yet the problems remain persistent.

I have read that this QA is aware of this and is working on a solution still, is there a short-time solution in the pipeline because we would like to use the SL2 features and we cannot downgrade fom SL2 back to SL1