Storyline 2 - Frustrations - Anyone else?

Oct 31, 2014

Let me start with saying that we avidly use Storyline to create courses for hundreds of clients.  When Storyline 2 came out, we were excited for the new features it brings.  The only way, though, we have figured out how to seamlessly convert our existing SL1 courses to SL2 is simply by opening a new SL2 module and transferring the content... If we upgrade our SL1 course to SL2, many goofy glitches/(oddities?) start to occur... Has anyone experienced the following?

-In interaction slides within a module, the "Submit" button (Custom on slide) will not submit the interaction unless the narration is done speaking/timeline ends... This is frustrating. If the user knows the answer and wants to submit it before the timeline ends, they should be able to... Currently, they have to listen to the whole narration and it appears when they click on the "Submit" button that it just is not working.

-The final exam.... In SL1 you could press "Submit" whenever you knew the answer to the question... Now, similarly to the above experience, that Submit button will not work unless the timeline has ended... It doesn't matter that the button is available the entire time the user is looking at the question... if the timeline is extended at all the user must wait that long.... Never had to do that in SL1... so this includes changing the timeline in every single one of our courses....

-Our custom prev/next buttons.  They are made to be gray during their disabled state (before the timelines ends), and now it is like SL2 doesn't recognize the two separate images for the states (one gray button, one black button).... The buttons are staying gray the entire time... So when the narration is done, the button is still gray and appears disabled, but if clicked, you CAN go to the next slide... but why doesn't it do what it is supposed to do?  The only way we can figure out how to resolve this is adjusting the brightness and contrast for the same image but in the Normal state, so that is appears darker and black like it is supposed to... Again, this would entail changing them on every single slide in every single course in multiple languages... total loss of productivity...

-Sometimes when upgrading a course, two gray thick lines appear on to the left and right side of the course... and a thick black bar appears on the bottom..


These issues seem like things that should not be happening in an upgrade... Has anyone experienced these issues and/or know how to resolve them without the steps I suggested?  It is very, very frustrating... Our courses were working fine on the iPads... Now, they are not... And even with the SL1 update to support iOS8, they still do not work appropriately... transition times are slow and sometimes they have to wait to click the next button... SL2 courses work, but then there are multiple glitches so it looks sloppy.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Stephanie!

For the first issues you described above, do you have your navigation set to restricted? In Storyline 2, the restricted setting means that the timeline must complete before the user can click the next or a submit button. It is not restricted in the Menu only.

As far as the issue with the custom prev/next button and the gray lines appearing, I would want to look at the file to see what may be causing this. 

Please make sure you are working locally with these files, and we do recommend using the import into a new file method as you stated above to see if the issues persist.

You could try a repair of Storyline 2 if this continues. Also, with the iPad issues, we did address some iOS8 issues with the latest update for Storyline 2. Have you downloaded this Update 1?


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