Storyline 2 gathering quiz information in D2L

Feb 27, 2015

We tried using Storyline 1 to do interactive quizzes in D2L (now Brightspace). We ran into issues with SCORM where it would loose quiz results and not import them accurately into D2L gradebook. I'm guessing the problem won't be solved in SL 2, since it was a problem on the SCORM side, not the SL side. I'm wondering if anyone previously had trouble with graded quizzes in D2L, and whether those issues were resolved in SL 2. We're not sure if we should upgrade or not, originally we bought the software to do graded quizzes. If we can't use the software for that, it wouldn't make sense to upgrade.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katie,

I'm not familiar with the issue as you've described it, but have you looked at downloading the trial of Storyline 2 to see how it behaves? That way you could test out what the behavior is and how it's expected to behave in your LMS and compared to a testing environment such as SCORM Cloud, an industry standard for testing SCORM. 

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