Storyline 2 - HTML5 output - Right click not working

I have published an HTML5 Story which contains some Try Mode slides with right-clicks.

When going through the Story online, the right click commands are stating "Incorrect, Try Again".    The Story does continue on despite trying all different clicks.

I'm looking at all the Triggers and it even says... "When the user right clicks"

Please help.

Dave French

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Denise,

Thanks for reaching out. Are you running into a similar issue?

I was able to take a look at David's support case and the solution shared was specific to his file set-up, which included deleting a layer and adding an additional trigger.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.