Storyline 2 Ignoring "Lock Aspect Ratio" from Master Slides

Oct 06, 2016


As we have been developing a slide master template for our team to use, we have come across something that renders our slide master slides somewhat useless: even when we check for a content place holder to lock it's aspect ratio in the master slide, for when a picture is inserted once a designer selects a certain slide layout to use in an actual scene, the pictures do not conform to the aspect ratio "locked" by the master slide. 

For example, if I have a content place holder sized at 200 x 200 in the slide master, a picture with an original size of 1280 x 720 should resize to fill the 200 x 200 box, with the "lock aspect ratio" option being checked in the master slide. However, that same image, once inserted in the content place holder box, resizes down to 200 x 113. Obviously, in this example, height is not being retained. In fact, when I select the layout I want to use from the "insert new slide" box, right click on this same picture place holder, and go to "Size and Position...," the "lock aspect ratio" box is unchecked (even though it is 100% checked in the master slide).

I should mention that this functionality works if we insert a picture into the same pre-sized content box within slide master view, but it does not work once we actually insert a new slide with the same layout in the scene we are working inside of (outside of the slide master view). To reference my example above, if I insert that same 1280 x 720 image into the 200 x 200 content place holder box while in Master View, the box aspect ratio does not change. The picture inserts, distorted mind you, and I can open the properties up and mess with the "offset" options to make the picture look good.

Are we missing a setting or is this a bug? 

Thank you in advance!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sean!

You are locking the aspect ratio of the image being added. So, the ratio of 1280 X 720 is the same as 200 X 113. You set the image to be 200 X 200 - which means the contents are going to try to fit in that box, while maintaining the ratio set - so 200px wide is as big as it can be and the ratio of the image brings the height to 113px to do so.

If you do a picture 'fill', the size will not change. Is that what you are doing and seeing when you mentioned it was distorted? This would be expected.

Sean Sanders

The picture fill solves the problem. Thank you for your response!

However, for the issue of the "lock aspect ratio" not staying checked from a master slide, what's going on there? We have also noticed other small elements moving around or not remaining the same when we load a layout from our master slides.

Leslie McKerchie

Could you share some of the nuances you are seeing Sean? Perhaps share a master slide in a sample .story file so that we could take a look? I've not seen any reports of the lock aspect ratio affecting content, so I would like to better understand that. I just conducted a test and no matter if that box was checked or not checked in the master slide, the result was the same when a picture was added. I'd like to better understand what you are seeing.