Individual "Invalid Answer - Popup" for Drag & Drop slides

Jun 06, 2017

Hey guys,

I tried to create individual "Invalid Answer - Popups" with SL2. I found this video and the trick helps me to get a solution for both multiple choice and multiple response.

But now I was wondering if there is a solution for Drag & Drop and Matching Drag & Drop. I've already tried to change the states to"Drag over" instead of  "Normal/Selected". But this didn't work for me:

Trigger 1

Show "Invalid Answer Layer" when "user clicks" "Submit Button".


If "Rectangle 1" is "not equal to" "Drag Over"

OR If "Rectangle 2" is "not equal to" "Drag Over"

OR If "Rectangle 3" is "not equal to" "Drag Over"


Trigger 2

Submit interaction "Drag and Drop 1" when "user clicks" "Submit Button".


If "Rectangle 1" is "equal to" "Drag Over"

AND If "Rectangle 2" is "equal to" "Drag Over"

AND If "Rectangle 3" is "equal to" "Drag Over"


Thank you

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Manuel Lienemann

I figured out by using a different first Trigger that the state is always normal:

Show "Invalid Answer Layer" when "user clicks" "Submit Button".


If "Rectangle 1" is " equal to" "Normal"

OR If "Rectangle 2" is " equal to" "Normal"

OR If "Rectangle 3" is " equal to" "Normal"

It doesn't matter if a element is dragged to a target or not. The layer is shown when I drag no element, 1 element or all elements to a target. 


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Manuel,

Thanks for sharing your file.

As Ashley mentioned above, this can be a bit challenging when customizing vs using the built in options.

I took a quick look and the first thing I noticed is that you are relying on the built in Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect setting, but this will not occur until the Interaction has been submitted, which is why you are not seeing the status change.

I updated your Slide 2 with different colors for the state change as well as a custom state to drive the behavior that you are looking for. 

Preview Slide 2 in the file attached, then take a look at the triggers/states to understand.

I hope that helps!


Cathy DeBurro

Hi Leslie -

I am having a similar issue and while I followed your instructions, something doesn't seem to be working correctly.  For security reasons, I mocked up a test .story file.  There are 6 images and 6 target drop locations. 

I created a custom Invalid Answer layer - triggered to show when Submit is clicked while any of the 6 images are in their NORMAL state.  For each image, there is a Normal state, Drag Over state, Drop Correct state, and Drop Incorrect state.  

To Submit the Drag and Drop Interaction, all 6 images must be in their Drag Over state.

Each image changes to Drag Over state when the shape is dragged over any of the 6 possible drop targets.

I am able to easily get the Invalid Answer Layer - but I am unsuccessful in being able to submit interaction for correct or incorrect answer.  I am unable to get passed the Invalid Answer layer.  I've attached a test version.  Appreciate your help!!  I know it's something simple that I'm overlooking... 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cathy,

Aw man, sorry that you're struggling with this, but utilizing custom set-ups makes drag and drops tough sometimes.

It's certainly not something I excel at, so hopefully someone in the community will be able to pop in and help you out with your custom design.

I'm re-attaching your file and perhaps slide 2 gets you closer to what you'd like in the meantime.

Cathy DeBurro

Thanks Leslie... Hmmm... I tried it and we're getting closer, but there are some bugs.

Images attached -

1. if you click on "SUBMIT" without dragging any objects, the OOPS layer appears (as expected) but so does the feedback window that I don't want to use.  How do I get rid of that?

2.  If you drag objects to the wrong targets -- the 'OOPs' layer appears instead of the 'Incorrect' layer.  

3.  On the other hand, if you place them all correctly, the 'Correct' layer appears as expected.

So, definitely closer than we were -- but still missing something..... any thoughts?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Cathy

I've had a stab at it.  I created a number variable to count the drops and used that to show the layer OOPs when they click submit if all pics haven't been dropped. 

I can't explain why the incorrect layer won't show after submitting the interaction so I added a trigger to show it - it appears to work how you want.

Hope this helps 

My entry in this competition is slide 1.3 :-)

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