Storyline 2: iPad / Scorm LMS issue

Hi there  can anyone help with this problem?

1) Created a course in Storyline 2

2) Works fine on PC

3) on iPad (iOS7) it works fine running from a standalone server

4) HOWEVER: on iPad running in an LMS (SCORM Cloud and SumTotal) the audio slider play/pause button is not there, and the reset button goes out of position.  (The slider itself still works)

What's going on??? Is this a bug in Storyline 2?

Thanks in advance

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nick,

I see that this issue is still with our QA team in regards to courses hosted in an LMS only, but the web server fix was included. Is that where you're seeing this behavior still? If so, I will add this thread to the existing report filed with our QA team so that they're aware of other users being impacted and so that I can provide any updates here. 

Thariq Anwar

Hi Ashley,

Would like to know if any update on this issue.

Also, currently seek bar is a set of play/pause, timeline bar and replay button, cant we have all the controls selected separately as per our requirement. I mean if i want to remove pause and play button from the storyline player just like the way we can add or remove next and prev button from the player.

This would have help me designed the player better by adding all my controls inside the slide area, and would have kept only timeline bar of the player as it is.

Thanks for your help!





Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Thariq,

This is a known issue documented here and slated for a fix in a future update of Storyline. I don't have a time frame to share in regards to that issue, but we'll share any updates here once available. 

In regards to your other question, there is not currently a way to separate those player elements. You may want to look into creating your own player with the Storyline SDK or share your thoughts in the form of a feature request here.