Storyline 2: issue with button states changing.

May 08, 2015

Wizards: I have an issue that I have just discovered in SL2 that I never experienced in SL1. We just upgraded last week and I'm losing my mind of this, and wanted to see if anyone could help.

I have a series of 4 buttons on a screen; the first one is in a Normal State, the others are Disabled. I have set triggers on each to turn to Normal once the previous button is Visited. I know I have the triggers set right, because when I preview, it works like a champ! When I publish, the states DO NOT change unless I hover over the button. I even deleted the hover state, still doesn't work right.

Anyone know what is happening here?


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Pete Monahan

Thanks for your help but I figured it out. I originally created the course in SL1, and when I upgraded to SL2, the buttons and associated triggers didn't quite carry over flawlessly in the upgrade. As stated, they appeared to work fine in preview, but not when published. I deleted all the buttons and added them back, and now the course functions as it should.

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