Storyline 2 issues in Blackboard

I am trying to publish my Articulate Storyline 2 tutorial in Blackboard.  Our blackboard site is an educational site that is password-protected and doesn't support Tin Can API (they told me that they use SCORM files).  I can upload the zipped output to Blackboard as a SCORM file and it works on a computer using Google Chrome.  However, it doesn't work on an ipad (or likely other mobile devices but I can't test that at the moment).  I don't have access to a different server.  I have no idea if posting this as something else in Blackboard would be the best approach -- Any suggestions for how I can get this to work on iPads and mobile devices?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Janet and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Looks like Nancy has popped in to assist you, but I wanted to share some additional information on mobile publishing for you or anyone following along as well :)

Articulate Storyline makes it easy to deploy your content to learners with mobile devices. See answers to common questions about publishing mobile content here.