Storyline 2 javascript not working in 360. Thoughts?

Hi all,

In Storyline 2 we're using the showSlideIndex function (in HTML5) to let javascript navigate between slides - we haven't been able to locate the slide information and navigation in Storyline 360. Is that javascript functionality still accessible? Here's the code we use to jump between slides:

var player = GetPlayer();

function gotoSlideName(name) { 
var index = -1; 
for (var i = 0; i < story.allSlides.length; i++) { 
if (story.allSlides[i].title == name) { index = i; } 

if (index > -1) { player.showSlideIndex(index); } 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Damien, 

I haven't seen a report of Javascript not working entirely within HTML5 and Storyline 360, but are you only seeing it with that bit of code or as a whole in your upgraded projects? Also, just to confirm you're testing the published output by uploading it within your web server or LMS? 

As far as if it's still accessible, the slide number and other similar variables were not something exposed or documented in Storyline 2, as we don't offer support for Javascript - and that hasn't changed with Storyline 360.  

Hopefully someone in the community may be able to take a look at the code you shared here and see if they're able to spot something off about it!