STORYLINE 2: Layered Interactive Course Content Damaging/Corrupting Navigation Button Functionality


I've run into a rather troubling issue in Storyline 2:

I have a complex series of Slide Layers that make up the foundation of a detailed, interactive exercise.

This exercise has a couple of decision/branch points, but ultimately ends up with the learner going down a certain path and continuing on.

Here's my issue:

After this exercise completes, a following exercise appears to be getting scrambled as a result (buttons and content not working as expected, scattered about like a messy kid's room), and the slide following this second exercise, which is very BASIC... NOT WORKING.

...AT ALL.

As in, simple slide with a NEXT Style Navigation Button and a clear LINK to the next Slide (number specific), is NOT working as expected.

Some details about the exercises:

Both of these exercises are made up of layers, to make switching back and forth between the details and switching points easier, at least conceptually.

I am wondering now, however, if Storyline is getting confused by this and it is breaking any potential associated slides that follow these as a result.

As this is a work project, I am in, unfortunately, no position to submit this project and its content to Articulate and/or the community.

That being said, if anyone has run into anything remotely like what I am describing, any and all suggestions would be very welcome.



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Walt Hamilton

There are reports of 100s of layers working correctly, so I don't think too many layers or too much complexity of layers will confuse SL.

Within the last week, there was a post about a layer that did not work properly. The cause turned out to be some sort of corruption in that layer. It was tracked down by copying everything on the layer, pasting it in a new layer, and changing all the triggers to point to the new layer. You may have to do this with all layers to isolate the bad one, but it is a possibility.

Mark Shepherd

Hi Walt:

That is actually very helpful.  This is the first I've heard of layer-specific corruption, vs. slide- or project-specific corruption.

In the past, I've dealt with issues such as this by building a totally new Blank Slide and manually copying and pasting content, or, in extreme cases, adding content from scratch, to effort a repair/fix.

Will let you know how this turns out, once the dust settles, and I have a chance to review.

Thanks again!