Storyline 2 - LMS suggestions for K-8? Please help these inner city students!

I have read many discussions on use of LMS but none that answer my question. I have used Presenter but am considering buying storyline 2 for more interactivity. I create courses to teach science in middle school but now want to help my daughter with her new class of first grade inner city students. If they can learn to read and do math well then perhaps they will see that there is more out there for their future than what two boys answered when my daughter asked them wanted they wanted to do when they grew up - "Go to prison like my dad." The first grade students do not have computers at home but their school got a grant and now has one to one ipads. I want an LMS that could support storyline on an ipad and track individual student results, see specific answers, and would be lovely if individual question results could be tracked for the whole class so my daughter could know what the class is particularly struggling with. My daughter is not a techie so LMS needs to be intuitive on her part for seeing results and without glitches from a user standpoint for these young students. I am a volunteer and cannot afford much more than my time so need an inexpensive solution. So what LMS really, really, really works for this? 

I know that this can make a difference in these kids' lives. Using Articulate presenter I get feedback from students that what I taught them - they still remember and are using to pass their college tests -AND I taught them way back in 6th and 7th grade. [unfortunately, i do not track these students scores - they just go to a survey site that is linked to the last slide in their module so that is how I know to give them credit - obviously this will not work for the use needed in reading and math for first grade]. But what an effect! So your time in helping me figure out a solution will be have affect lives and, hopefully, futures.

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Robin. 

You may want to take a look at our Articulate For Good initiative and see if it is something that would apply to your situation. There are some low cost LMS out there but I have found that most of them are not that intuitive and are a kind of you get what you pay for. Here are some open-source LMS options that may meet your tracking needs:

 *  Dokeos:

*  eFront:

*  Moodle: