Storyline 2 locking up when publishing on occasion

Is anyone else having an issue with Storyline 2 where it locks up while publishing? Here is what happens to me sometimes:

  1. I click Publish
  2. I customize my Publish settings
  3. I Click Publish
  4. Then nothing happens, except that the Publish button dims inactive.  I can click Cancel, and it asks if I want to cancel, but then it just goes back to its inactive state.

So then I bring up the Windows Task Manager and End Task for Storyline. Windows (Windows 7) then tells me the program is waiting for an interaction from me. So I switch to Storyline and it asks me if I want to save. I say yes, and then the application closes. Fortunately it does save, so I haven't lost anything. Then I reopen, Publish, and everything is hunky dory again. So weird.

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