Storyline 2: logo does not show in player for most users

I have a logo placed in the Player for all our Storyline projects.  I output to .zip as a SCORM file for LMS.  In our case, we use both Blackboard and Moodle.  When I look at the playback, all works fine on my computer.  If I go to a guest computer, and look at the same lesson, the logo is a broken image.  Even if I'm signed in as an admin for Moodle, or as a teacher on Blackboard. 

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Gordon Wimpress

Aha, I think you've hit on something.  I generally use Firefox on my own box (for reasons), but most people in my dept. use Chrome.  I just tried it on Chrome on my machine, and the logo was broken!  And I just tried the module on Firefox on another machine as well, and it works where Chrome did not.

So, it must be a Flash thing?  I thought that was all resolved.  I get no error message or blocked content that I can see.  And why just the logo, and nothing else?  The modules play perfectly.

Thanks for the SCORM Cloud link.  I will try that. 

Gordon Wimpress

Yep, that works.  Doesn't make sense, but it works.  Now I gotta re-publish all my modules. 

In doing that, we found ANOTHER weird bug.  In the pop-out window, if you try to adjust the volume control on the player, it immediately snaps to 0, and won't let you turn it back up.  It does NOT do that on our previously-published lessons that don't pop out into a new window, including the most recent ones, like what I sent you. 

The workaround is to remove the volume control from the player altogether, which I actually wish I'd done at the beginning anyway.  People are used to using their System volume, so I don't see a need to complicate it.  The default volume level looks to be around 80%, so that's fine..  But, man, these are a couple of strange bugs!