Storyline 2 Matching Drop-Down

Happy Holidays Everyone!

In a very cool screenr, Jeanette shows how to simulate a multiple sentence matching drop-down:  

In Storyline 2, how do I ungroup the question box area in order to get free control of the drop-down menu to move them around as Jeanette shows in her screenr?


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Anthony Hearns


Thank you for responding.  I did notice that each line has its own text box.  That said, after receiving your response, I continued to attempt to follow direction from the screenr Jeanette made, however to no avail. 

Finally, noticing in your response example that I didn't see anything in the choice column, I deleted the items in my choice column.  By deleting the items and adding three additional text box entrees, I am now able to create the desired interaction.

Thank you very much...... and Happy New Year!