Storyline 2 menu issue in Ipad


There is new issue popups up today when i tried to test a course into ipad.

In the menu a blue color is coming when i open on ipad where as it is not appearing on the system anywhere please refer the attached screenshot for reference. 

I am also attaching the Story file for testing please help me resolve this. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Malkeet, 

I’m sorry you’re running into an issue here—thanks for letting us know about it.  We’ve addressed this bug in Storyline 3 and in the latest version of Storyline, Storyline 360.  

We are maintaining the basic functionality of Storyline 2, but our primary focus is on maintaining and creating new features for current versions of Storyline. We’d recommend that you consider using an updated version of Storyline to address this.