Storyline 2 Menu skipping topics.

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone experienced this problem? The menu appears to skip a topic, however the player isn't. What I'm attempting to say is all the slides play in the correct order, but the menu looks as if a topic has been skipped.

I tried resetting the menu, demoting and promoting slides and nothing seems to work.  See attached.  Any ideas?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Karel -- Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues, but there are a few things we can try initially to see if it helps. First, please make sure you are working locally as described here, and you may want to try importing the file into a new file. If you are still having issues, you might want to try to repair Storyline. Also, could you please ensure that you are utilizing the most recent SL2 Update? Info on Update 5 can be found here

Please also verify that you are testing your published output in the intended environment. Hope that helps, and if not, please let me know and we'll dig a little deeper. :)

Greg Flowers

Hi Karel,

I was experiencing the same issue and, while I'm not sure this is the technical solution to the problem, it's worked for me...I find the skipped slide on the Scenes list, right click on it, and Duplicate the slide. I then go through and delete the original slide and the new duplicate now appears in the scenes and on the Menu when you preview the course.

I hope this helps.

Karel Wagner

Thank you everyone,

I tried the copy and replace suggestion, the working locally and we've even reinstalled Storyline with no luck. I have to request to download the update 5 through our IT , that isn't anything that happens ASAP. Thanks for trying to help. For once this wasn't a user error.  :-)