Storyline 2 mobile player- text entry/drop down menu field issues

Apr 07, 2015

I am currently altering an e-learning course to make it more compatible for the ipad mobile player.

We have a sign in screen the learner will enter their email address, first name, and last name. Then 2 dropdown fields where the learner will select their department, and years of service. On the mobile player I having issues with both types of interactions. 

Text Entry fields: (please tell me there is hope here!)

Issue:  What is happening is you enter your information in one of the text entry fields, if you on the page, outside the text entry field it is not losing focus therefore the keyboard is still visible on the slide. (I have found that if you tap into the menu bar on the left, the keyboard does go away.)  I have also noticed, moving from the text box to a drop down menu interaction, the insertion cursor remains active in the last text box you typed in.

Ideal situation: I would like the keyboard to work similar to how it would when entering information on a website.  

Question 1 of 4: Is there any variable to make the keyboard disappear when a text entry box loses focus? 

Question 2 of 4: How should I go about getting the insertion cursor to go away?

Drop down Menu Interactions (I am having a lot more issues with these.) 

I have everything set up in layers for the dropdown menus. On the computer we are not having any issues.  However, on the ipad we have having all kinds of different issues. 

Issue 1: When you navigate to the first drop down menu, you  select the appropriate menu item from the 17 menu items listed. If you need to change your selection,  you can go back in to view/change your selection by selecting a different menu item, but the original item you select still showing selected.

Issue 2:  Also, once you are done with the first drop down menu, and move to the second drop down menu, the first drop down menu items are still "hot" or "select-able" but the menu items are not visible.  So when you try to navigate to the menu items for the second drop down interaction, it changes what you selected for the first drop down interaction. (I hope you followed that, and it all made since and didn't confuse anyone.)  

Question 3 of 4: How can I "de-select" an item in the drop down menu if the learner chooses a different item from that same drop down menu?  (Please, don't make my nightmare a reality in that I will need like 289 variables or triggers that say, "change state of menu item 1 to deselected when user clicks menu item 2") 

Question 4 0f 4: How can I get the first drop down menu list to be hidden AND also not be "hot" or "selectable" so the learner can successfully navigate to the second drop down interaction without it changing the learners selected menu items from the first drop down interaction. 

Please help!  Also, let me know if you need me to upload the .story file for this page to look at my work. 

Thank you so much!!!

Regina Saenz







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Christie Pollick

Hi, Regina -- 

To answer your question regarding text entry fields, unfortunately, due to the nature of the virtual keyboard on the iPad, there isn't a way to trigger the keyboard to disappear on it's own. Also, please make sure that you are using the system requirements for viewing content on a mobile device.

Regarding your drop down menu interactions, could you please share your .story file so we can test it on an iPad?

Regina Saenz


Here is the file, another small functionality thing we are noticing is that when we tap the first text entry field that brings up the keyboard, but when you try to tap into the second field, the insertion cursor shows up in the second text entry field for a split second then skips to the third text entry field. 

I attached the file, please let me know if you can help me out.  I think i figured out the drop down menus showing all the items the learner has selected, i have not tested those yet. 


Please let me know what you find! 


thank you!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Regina -- 

I tested your file on my iPad and I did not experience the issues you described (as far as when you try to tap into the second field, the insertion cursor shows up in the second text entry field for a split second then skips to the third text entry field). Could you please take a look at this output on Tempshare? 

Regina Saenz

Yea, when viewing this on the articulate mobile player I am not having the issues I was.  Unfortunately, the client want to have the module open in a browser. 

I checked the system requirements and everything checks out right,

Is there work around to fix these little issues when a user is viewing the module in safari on the ipad? 

Please let me know, 

Thanks so much! Regina

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