Storyline 2 Module Issue in Publish

Apr 21, 2017


My Co-Worker has a huge project due that involves a Video File (Scene 5.3 in his Module) that automatically plays without any issue in Preview Mode however when he publishes it- the user has to manually click and the file appears corrupted. 

Please let me know if there is a Portal I can refer my Co-Worker to so he can upload this presentation to you so perhaps your technicians can see if they can resolve the error with the Published Presentation where the video doesn't play as it should. 

Ultimately, he and my Boss have tried work arounds to no avail so far so your help is much appreciated!


Andrew Farmer

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Andrew Farmer

Hey Chris,

I got a response from Articulate and they stated that by replying you can
upload this module at this link for them to look at this case.

Hopefully you can click the Reply button? Please advise.

Also to the Articulate Representative- Mrs. Farmer thank you for your quick
response- the issue pertains to Scene 5.3 in this Fire Safety module. In
preview the video automatically progresses however once published the file
is not progressing correctly.


Andrew Farmer

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Andrew

Just to clarify - I'm just a user on the public ELH forum trying to help with an answer to your query. I am not Articulate staff which is why I sent you the link to  Articulate support for upload.  If you/Chris are happy to share the file publically here on the forum there are people who would be happy to take a look and try to help you.  Alternatively, the support link is for private upload of your infomation.

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