Storyline 2 Module not being Marked as complete on Litmos LMS

A client's module is not being marked as complete on their Limos LMS. It's set to 'complete' on a quiz result which is actually a sum of previous quizzes. The learner doesn't actually see the actual quiz result slide since it's in a scene just used for quiz result slides - instead the result variable '%Results.ScorePoints% is shown on a custom summary/result slide. Is the fact that the learner's don't get to the proper result slide an issue?

We've tried it on SCORM cloud and it also fails to be marked as complete there too so clearly something is wrong in Storyline.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey John - would it be possible to share the .story project file vs the published output files? That would be helpful. Thanks for mentioning that the behavior is the same in SCORM Cloud, as that is certainly something we would want to take a look at. If you cannot share here in the forums, you are welcome to share here privately.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing the file John - I, of course, failed the content so it's harder for me to see the issue at this time. Were you able to replicate in SCORM Cloud? I'll try to take a peek later and make an answer key so I can check, but you probably know the answers right off-hand and that may be faster :)

John Curran

Leslie - There's no pass or fail - it's simply a challenge. I used the complete/incomplete option when publishing. I added a 'Skip to End' button on the menu screen so you can just do one section get a score then jump to the end and the see the final result (clearly if you do this you score will be low). The point is that whatever the result Storyline should mark the module as complete or is it that Storyline ONLY marks it complete if it passes the final result slide? If so I can check by making the pass mark zero I guess.

John Curran

Leslie - I re-set the passing score for the final results slide to zero but it still didn't mark as complete on SCORM Cloud even though I got a score of 19%. The final results slide is a 'result of results slide' with an overall cumulative score. See attached screenshots.

Wendy Farmer

Hi John

you can force a complete using javascript if all your other results are recording correctly.  That may or may not work with your LMS but works in Scormcloud.

Create a trigger on the result slide that executes when user clicks an exit button or when timeline starts on success or fail layer.

//set status;

Hope that helps