Storyline 2 multiple choice question


I have a basic multiple choice single question with one correct answer. The user only has one shot and its a pass/pass situation. I would like a custom results slide as I need to match a branding requirement to simply on the results slide display the right answer and trigger a mp3 audio file.

My question i guess would be around picking up the right answer to display on the results slide?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Gary!

A Results Slide can be customized the same as any other slide. You can move the default text to add branding, add a text box that contains the correct answer, and add an MP3 audio file. It might be helpful if you could upload your file here so we can see what you've got so far. You can use the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window. 

Gary Galmin

Well I made a copy of it and removed the internal video.

Basically there is video snippets throughout this course, then you are presented with a single question knowledge check, pick the right answer. The goal is its essentially a pass/pass situation. We need to fade out the wrong answers and display the correct one and play an audio file. 

So after presenting the question, make selection, click the custom submit button move to next screen see correct answer while listening to the audio track then continue to next slide for next video. No pop ups for a right or wrong answer.

I will have to replicate this several times for each of the situations, and it will run out of a lms, the lms is more for a record of you took the course and completed.

Wendy Farmer

Hey Gary

see the attached video - will this work for you?  I don't know how long your audio is on the answer slide but it will give you an idea perhaps.  In this case you wouldn't need to have the variables.

Also I added in the default submit button (for testing) as I noticed your custom button wasn't working