Storyline 2 multiple response stops

I've created a course with four multiple response quizzes.  All is fine.  However, the quizzes require scrolling, so the client wants me to separate the quizzes so the end user doesn't have to scroll (groan).  Now after clicking SUBMIT on the 8th multiple response slide, Storyline 2 freezes.  It freezes in PREVIEW, PUBLISH > VIEW PROJECT, and even after publishing to my LMS.  

Are there limits to the number of quizzes?  Or what's going on?

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robin innes

Thanks for the tips!

I've ensured the enclosed file and the output file are both on my C:\ drive and the file name is appropriate. It continues to freeze on 1.16.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline2...upgraded my Java just in case it's affecting OTHER programs Storyline needs.


Uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline2 and Studio '13 - just in case, too. Rebooted.

Reinstalled Flash player. Rebooted.

Reinstalled .NET Framework 4. Rebooted.

Since this is the first and only problem I've had with Storyline 2, my IT guy says it's probably a corrupted file and to remake the file. Haven't done that yet in hopes I don't have to retype everything.


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Emily Ruby

Hi Robin,

It could be corrupted, but if you wanted us to take a look, you would need to attach the file to this post directly. Replying via email will not include the file. You could also share it privately through this link if needed.

Also replying via email will show your email signature on the post. you can click on edit to remove this.