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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doug!

That's because of the restricted navigation for your course.

In Articulate Storyline 1, restricted and locked navigation settings only affected the menu. In contrast, the navigation settings in Articulate Storyline 2 affect both the menu and the player buttons, making it much easier to control the overall navigation for your course. To learn how to restrict or lock navigation in Storyline 2, see this article.
Doug Hodgson

I totally understand the Restricted functionality, thanks. We have to have the Restricted functionality as we can't have people go right to the Quiz Questions in the Menu. They have to go through the slides (compliance). The challenge is when we have a video clip that we want people to have the option of skipping  via the Next button they can't do it until the media completes and the Next button becomes active. We've changed the Trigger to:Change State ofNext ButtonNormalTimeline startsIs the only way for them to skip the clip it to use the scroll bar and click to the end? So the Restricted won't let us change the Next button funtionality. We need the Next button to be active when the video starts.

Leslie McKerchie

With your navigation set to restricted, this will prevent the Next button from proceeding in your course until the slide is complete.

  • Restricted navigation means learners can view the current slide and any slide they've previously viewed, but they can't jump ahead or skip over slides.

Even with the Next button set to normal, the user cannot skip the slide. So, yes, if you allow them to scrub they could go to the end if they wish and then proceed.

Another option could be set your navigation to Free and simply remove the quiz slides from the menu so that the user could not directly access if you wish.

Doug Hodgson

Thanks for the clarification. Compliance courses require the 'completion of content' so the viewers must click through the slides. They can't bypass slides to get to the last one via the Menu and take the Quiz, it's a compliance / legal thing. The ability to have the Next button functional even in a Restricted course should be there. We'll just have to rebuild in SL1.

Doug Hodgson

So the answer for others who run into this problem is that when you set the Menu funtionality to Restricted / Locked, the Next button will not be functional until the media completes. This affects both video clips as well as slides with still graphics. We can't get by the video because the videos have set lengths but for still graphics you have to make the timeline short so people can activate the Next button right away. If you need the Next button active all the time build in SL1.

Doug Hodgson

Gotcha, but if we had 10 Slides / Menu Items with a Quiz after the 10th, with it being a 'Free Navigation' course people could just jump to the 10th Menu item and then go to the quiz. The only way around it would be to remove the Menu which doesn't allow people to see the sections that they will be taking. I like to idea of increased functionality of the Next button but being that it's now connected to the Menu it actually decreases usability. You should be able to seperate the Menu and Navigation buttons.

Crystal Horn

Doug, I thought of a possible workaround, too.

If they can choose to watch the video, what if you put the video on a layer?  On the base layer, your slide timeline could be very short so that they could skip the video.  You could set a trigger to show the layer where they could watch the video.

To make it seamless, you might even be able to place a hotspot over an image of the first frame of the video on the base layer and set a trigger to show the layer where the video actually is-and where they can click to play.  The image rather than the video won't affect the base layer timeline.

Is that something that is feasible with your set-up?