Storyline 2 not loading correctly

Hello Team,


When I launch/open SL2 to edit/create a project, it displays this weird screen of text.  See the attached image SL2_Funky Screen Text.


Is anyone else experiencing this?  More importantly, how do I get rid of it?

SL2 (Update 7: 1509.1408)


Enjoy your day.







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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for that image- I've certainly never seen that! That page should display a series of video tutorials, and if you're not connected to the Internet the start page may not look like below:


We've seen that occur when a firewall is present, and you could look into the options to resolve it here. Since I have seen that exact set up before, it may also be a good idea to look at confirming you're working on a local install of Storyline and go through the repair steps documented here. 

Also, out of curiosity are you able to get past that page or you get stuck there? What if you try to open a .story file directly instead of just opening the Storyline application? 

Kenneth King

Hello Ashley,

I have another first for something here?  NICE!  Well, maybe?!  ;-)

I am:

*Connected to the internet

*Working on a local install

*Able to get past the Start Page whether starting a new project, opening an old/current one, or simply clicking on a SL2 project file

Thank you for the information.

My main concern was about SL2 being corrupted some how and or needing a clean install.  I've shut SL2 down multiple times hoping this would flush out the issue.  Once that didn't happen, I reached out to our community.  :)

Enjoy your day.