Storyline 2 not publishing all slides

Mar 29, 2018

Help.  I have a file I have been fighting with for several weeks.  Today I finally got the whole thing to publish (92 slides) but when I open the published file, only 88 slides show up.  I'm baffled.  I am publishing for LMS.  When I publish to Word, all 92 slides appear.  I have worked day and night on this project and am up against a deadline.  If anyone has any suggestions, please share!!

(And again, and as ALWAYS, I have the latest version and am using a local drive.)

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Katie L.

All four have videos, but so do about 15 other slides that are showing up fine.  The ones that were missing spanned consecutive slides. The module was a single scene with no lightbox slides, and there were no unassigned triggers.

I was able to get the module to publish all 92 slides by importing into a new project, so let's hope I got everything transferred over to the new file and it's good to go.  The time I have spent on this single module, trying to get it to publish over the past 2 weeks, has put me far behind schedule for this and all my other clients, so I'm not a very happy camper with Articulate right now.

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