Storyline 2: Notes Tab FONT sizes

Mar 21, 2017

I am trying to increase the font size of the Notes displayed on each slide.  I know i can not do it universally so I was selecting Notes on each slide, increasing the font throughout the whole module.

However, when I publish, the font is not increasing.  I know i have the most updated published version since I add "Test" text to be sure I am not viewing a cached version.

Any ideas why the font would do everything BUT increase?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Karen.  Just to confirm what Arkadiusz mentioned, the Notes text maintains formatting in the Flash version, but will display at the default size in HTML5.  Here's a screenshot showing the 2 outputs:

Does that explanation match what you're seeing on your end?  Which browser are you using to view your course?  This article provides more information about which browsers are supported for viewing Flash and HTML5 output.

Let us know if that's helpful!

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