Storyline 2 - notes text does not look smooth

Hi there!

I just noticed that notes text looks different between slides even if using the same font style.

See here:

Slide 2 notes text is slightly different that slide 1 text.

Do you have some workaround to fix this?

Thanks a lot!

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Andrey Oborsky

Hi Ashley!

Thank you for your feedback. I see a little difference on the screenshot you've attached. Right part text looks not so strong as left part text.

This is not a big deal though. Attached screenshot to show you the difference. The difference is seen when you enlarge screenshot. The letters at the right side are 13 pixels height although left side letter are 12 pixels height.

Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for confirming that element. I'm unable to recreate the same behavior as you've shown, so you'll want to make sure that when working on your .story files you're following along with the guidelines here in regards to working locally and ensuring the file path/name doesn't include special characters and is well below the 256 character limit.