Storyline 2 performance

Hi guys, I am finding Storyline often slows down to a snails pace when I'm designing certain slides with lots of graphics. I also installed some new fonts recently, is there anyone tecchie who could suggest if it's these fonts that are slowing me down? I bought a really decent spec PC recently so I'm confident its not the computer.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ant,

I'm sure you've already checked the system requirements here and you may want to check into any other programs or applications that are open or running in the background and pulling from the available memory for Storyline. 

Did you notice an increase in the slow down after installing the fonts?

Anne Goldenberger

Hi Phil - what photo file format does Articulate recommend?  And - I'm curious if say,  a jpeg and png are the same file size, does the png slow Articulate more than the jpeg?

(My current project has one slide with 11 layers, probably about 70 photos altogether, and it's taking almost 5 seconds just to select a picture.  Most of them are jpegs actually, but there are some pngs in the bunch.)

Thanks for any guidance you can provide -